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Click Here for an audio explanation of the Ancient Goddess Myth that correlates with the cycle of Venus as seen from Earth

First Gate Crown Chakra:

ASTROLOGY REPORT audio for the first Gate of the Descent - January 29, 2022

GUIDED JOURNEY to the Crown Chakra with Heidi

For 7 months, Venus appears in the morning sky. Once each month, she is seen next to the waning crescent moon. This signifies the Gate, described in the poem as a point at which Inanna is forced to surrender one of her personal items. At each Venus Moon conjunction and during that month, we use this astronomical event as a portal of activation through which we will surrender a blockage or distortion that we hold in the corresponding chakra. First Gate is the Crown gate where she is forced to give up her crown. Here we will become aware of some aspect of our ego that is preventing us from connecting to Source, the Divine, God, the Higher Self etc. The next Gate is the 3rd eye and we travel down the body as Venus travels across the sky. 

After passing through all of the gates, Venus disappears from the sky. This signifies Inanna's time in the underworld. - usually around 40 days.  During this time, we are invited to become more aware of the shadow self, our dark side and the suffering that we endure as a result.
When Venus appears in the Evening sky, she is on her way out of the Underworld. Each month, she makes a conjunction with the waxing moon and receives her corresponding personal items back. At each of these Gates, we are invited to reclaim some aspect of ourselves corresponding to the chakra that is associated with that Gate. The First Gate is the Root Chakra gate where she reclaims her royal robe - and on up to the last gate, the Crown. 

The journey of Venus through the sky takes us through this Epic poem in 19 months. 

The Venus Journey is a pathway to uncovering and strengthening your powers of magnetism and awareness. We activate each of your chakras based on the real time position of Venus in the sky. 

This is a powerful process, a journey to facing and embracing your shadow. It calls you to let go of parts of yourself that do not serve you, and open yourself up to your true radiance. 
If you are called to this journey, you can jump in at any time. We go month by month. It is a perpetual cycle of birth - death and rebirth.


Each month, I will post
My interpretation of the unique astrology of each Venus Moon conjunction / Gate of Activation
A guided journey for you to embody Inanna passing through the gate
A somatic meditation to support you into the embodiment of your personal experience


Welcome!  I’m so glad the stars have brought you here. 

To join the Collective Venus Activation Circle

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Welcome to a mytho-poetic and somatic astrological journey!

In ancient Sumeria, the planet Venus was worshipped as the Goddess Inanna. The journey that Venus makes across the sky is mirrored in the ancient poem The Descent of Inanna - inscribed on tablets sometime around 1750 BC and excavated in 1900 AD.

The Descent of Inanna can be interpreted as an allegory of personal transformation.


The Goddess is stripped of the symbols of her worldly power at each of the seven gates she must pass through on the way to the Underworld where she intends to visit her sister, the cruel and powerful Erishkegal. When Inanna arrives, she is tortured and left for dead. She is finally rescued by 2 magical beings who lead her out of the Underworld. Inanna passes back through the seven gates, regaining her personal items one by one. 

This is the metaphorical journey of the soul - we are forced to give up the things that we are most attached to as we travel the path to meet our darkest self. Just when the suffering seems like it will kill us, we are lead to travel back to the Upper world, regaining our identities with a deeper sense of self and awareness of the transient nature of that which we define ourselves by - our relationships, our job titles, our posessions, our accolades, etc.

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