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Natal Charts and Transits

The Natal Chart is a map of the cosmic sky dome. It is an actual snapshot of the sky from the exact place and time when you were born. It shows the position of the moon, sun and planets unique to you - what was above the horizon, what was below the horizon, the phase of the moon, the motion of the planets.

Astrology is a an ancient language of the soul. It allows us the privilege of looking into the psyche of another. It is fun and enlightening to see ourselves through the Astrological lens so we can understand ourselves better.

Astrology isn't a pre-requisite for awakening but it sure helps!

I use a combination of Sidereal and Tropical astrology to give you a unique perspective on where you have come from and where your destiny calls you. This type of reading is especially helpful if you are on an evolutionary journey, growing out of old conditioned patterns and developing your authentic self. What past life events or situations in your family of origin are you still working through? What is your relationship energetic? What are you here to create, accomplish and enjoy in this lifetime?

I specialize in destiny activation and soul liberation. When I read your chart, I focus on where your gifts are, what you came into this lifetime already knowing. I look at your inner masculine and your inner feminine.

I aspire to reflect to you the full radiance of your genius and support total expression of your freedom and your power. 

You will need to provide your Birthdate, Birth Location and Birth Time. 

Natal Chart Readings $120 - 75 minutes

Transits $99 75 minutes (return clients)

Mini Astro Event Readings  $33 (Helpful for eclipses, new and full moons, specific planetary transits and conjunctions)

Gratitude to my wise teacher - - Lyn Dalebout

and the brilliant - Nick Anthony Fiorenza

~Leading the movement towards understanding Sidereal Astrology~

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