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Pathway of Transformation

Personal growth and awakening is accelerated when we attune to the forces of nature and the cosmos. We have the power of choice, but we are not in charge of everything that happens in our experience. Understanding that there are greater forces at play can help us deal with confusing situations.

As devotees of nature, earth and their cycles - and in our journey to conscious awakening, it is very helpful to get in tune and in time with the cycles of the Moon, the Planets and the Stars. When we can understand the energies that are helping us or challenging us, we can navigate opportunities and difficulties with more awareness.

Looking deeper, beyond the meaning of just the planets and the constellations of the zodiac, there is a wealth of opportunity to explore ancient mythology and tune in to the wisdom of the people who have come before us.

Basically, we have a mythopoetic psycho-drama going on in the sky that we can tap into in order to to time our ceremonies, our intentional meditations and our catalyze our development. It is not always about getting what we want, but it is really about opening up to receiving what we need.

As a long-time seeker of energetic shifts, I know that this is real.

Join me in this journey of magic and mystery!

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