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New Moon in the Star Cluster of the Beehive

Updated: Aug 2, 2019

Tonight, the New Moon is located at 13 Sidereal Cancer, close to Praesepe- the Beehive Star Cluster. This New Moon is urging us to leave the protective nest and emerge into new paths and directions in order to gather nectar for the hive!

The theme for this New Moon is to activate and manifest the realizations we had over the past month and make real the personal changes we have been dreaming about.

Cancer, usually associated with the Crab, is also symbolized by the Egyptian Scarab. The Scarab represents regeneration, transformation and rebirth from the family nest.

It is time to leave the safety of the nest and go out into the world and gather and harvest goodness to bring back to the nest. The nest shall be transformed so that it may become more nurturing to your true self, rather than a place of reinforcing your old habits and programmed behaviors.

This New Moon theme is also activated by the event of Mercury coming out of retrograde and going direct. Mercury retrograde is a time of going inwards and re-organizing. When Mercury goes direct, we can communicate outwards more easily, express our truths and manifest in the 3 dimensional world.

This New Moon is also powerful as a gate of activation - we have the Moon-Venus conjunction, offering us a portal for leaving behind the old and making progress on the next step of our journey. Venus is currently not visible in the sky and is considered to be in the "Underworld". The Scarab is a wonderful symbol of the productive nature of the Underworld Journey and encourages us to dig past the superficial nature of our personalities and into our deeper souls, our shadow or dark side.

Our dark side is a place of repressed creativity. It is the part of us that is all bound up and unable to let in the light. The New Moon is the Darkest time in the night sky, offering us a perfect portal of awareness into our own darker natures. In order to heal our dark sides, we must give them attention and representation in our conscious minds. What have we been repressing or burying deep because of our fears?


Celebrate the power of this New Moon by planting a seed of intention for yourself around your commitment to making one simple concrete action based on yearnings that have been brewing inside you for this past month, months or even years.

Light a candle, take some breaths and hold on to a favorite stone or crystal. Take a few moments to feel into something inside of you that has been hiding in the dark and wants to be expressed. What is your heart song? Your spirit dance? Your wild devotional offering to life? This is not something that will require the approval or consent of anyone. This must be a pure, creative act that comes from your wholeness. Create something magical. And then watch your desires be manifested!

Make it something that feels good and possible and fun! Now is the time!

Love and Blessings!

Gratitude to my wise teacher - - Lyn Dalebout

and the brilliant - Nick Anthony Fiorenza

~Leading the movement towards understanding Sidereal Astrology~

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