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Dark Goddess Initiation

The only way out is through. Going into the deepest part of our own selves, we find hidden treasures and clues to our true nature. But this is not easy. It is frightening and repulsive to confront aspects of yourself that you can't own. It's not for everyone, just for the Badass Spiritual Gangsta Bitches who are willing to feel afraid, be vulnerable and face themselves.

How do we confront this shadow? One interesting way is for you to choose someone who really pisses you off. Preferably someone you know personally. Contemplate and write about all the things that bug you the most about them. Really go deep. Call names, get pissed. Now turn it around and find all those shitty qualities in yourself. I dare you. Everything you perceive is actually you - and the more you are irritated by someone else, the more you probably possess this same quality. This is a process. You will not be able to do this in one session. But every time you find yourself complaining about someone else, note that the Dark Goddess is blowing in your ear, tickling your toes, begging for you to wake up to the shadow within you. Owning your "bad" qualities is an important step to wholeness. You can keep running from them, but you can't hide.

The Dark Goddess lives in you.

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