The Venus- Moon Cycle

Embodied Astrology for Pleasure, Abundance and Self Appreciation

The Venus Cycle is a pathway to uncovering and strengthening your powers of magnetism and awareness. We activate each of your chakras based on the real time position of Venus in the sky. 

This is a powerful process, a journey to facing and embracing your shadow. It calls you to let go of parts of yourself that do not serve you, and open yourself up to your true radiance. 

The Venus cycle is 19 months long. It is divided into 3 parts, and correlated to the ancient myth of the Goddess Innana's descent to the Underworld.

Part One - Venus appears in the morning sky for 8 months. Each month, we gather at the time of the Venus - Moon conjunction.  We use this event as a portal of activation to release distortions and blockages one chakra at a time. 

Part Two - Venus disappears from view. Inanna is in the Underworld. We become aware of our shadow parts. We awaken to the illusion of our suffering. We confront and heal lost parts of ourselves. 

Part Three - Venus appears in the evening sky for 8 months. We awaken within our bodies the truth of our own divine radiance, starting with the root chakra. 

If you are called to this journey, you can jump in at any time. We go month by month. It is a perpetual cycle of birth - death and rebirth.

Listen here to my audio version of Inanna's Descent. 


Pathway of Transformation

Through the Moon and Stars

Personal growth is accelerated when we attune to the cosmic forces. We are devotees of nature, earth and the power of cosmic cycles - and in our journey to conscious awakening, it is very helpful to get in tune and in time with the cycles of the Moon. Combining that with the mythological journey of Venus as the Goddess Inanna, we have a mythopoetic psycho-drama going on in the sky that we can use to time our ceremonies and journeys.

As a long-time seeker of energetic shifts, I can say that this feels like the difference between swimming in the ocean and surfing on it.


It's all a Journey

Collective Awakening

Welcome, I’m so glad the stars have brought you here.